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There are 6 Disney theme parks in the world, with one in California, Florida, Hong Kong, China, Japan, and France. Disneyland in Anaheim opened on July 17, 1955, 4 years before "Sleeping Beauty" was released. Walt Disney was so preouccupied with the construction of Disneyland rather than producing the movie, so he name the castle at Disneyland "Sleeping Beauty's Castle" to promote the film. There have been many deaths at Disneyland throughout the years, with the first in 1964 after a boy stood up at the top of the Matterhorn and was thrown from the car, onto a track below, and was crushed to death by an oncoming bobsled. However, the most grusome death happened in 1974. An 18 year old high school graduate named Deborah Gail was working in the America Sings attraction. America Sings was a circular stage and round theater which rotated to feature multiple cultures that live within the U.S. The theater would be moving about 100 people, which uses a lot of force. Apparently enough force to crush Deborah to death, while she was standing in between a revolving wall and a non-moving stage wall, which got too close to each other. Many people heard the scream but assumed it was part of the show.